The Belgian Indoor Cycling Academy’s indoor cycling courses are open to everyone. There are no compulsory sports pre-requisites.

Of course, the current practice of indoor cycling is an undeniable asset in passing the training tests.

Becoming a certified instructor is  an additional step in your personal development or in your sporting passion.

All your trainers are above all passionate about their work. They have been practicing the sport for more than 10 years.

They defend a common concept and do not defend any commercial brand. 

That is why the B.I.C.A. remains neutral of any commercial brand. We believe that a certified instructor can teach a good course on a brand A or brand B bike.
We also wanted to integrate into our teaching the practice of mountain biking too often forgotten in the classic training of indoor cycling.

Face-to-face training

Face-to-face training should be the rule in a profession of communication and exchange.

At the B.I.C.A., we encourage all candidates to enroll in such training. There is no substitute for human contact in learning.

The training takes place over a weekend and includes:

– of the theory

– of the practice

– a written test

The written test takes place online on the last day of training. You can use your mobile phone, your iPad or a laptop for this test.

Reserve your place now and try to wait until then!

Distance learning

For those who cannot attend or feel that the session is too far from their home, we also offer distance learning.

When you make your reservation, you will receive a download link for the syllabus after payment and other contractual terms. You are also entitled to contact a Master Instructor who will answer all your questions.

You study at your own pace and when you are ready, you request an access code (via email to to take your test remotely.

The conditions for passing the written test are identical.

The written test also takes place remotely and on this site.

We wish you a good study.

Music training

Music is a very important part of the development of an indoor cycling course.

The success of a course depends on the quality of the instructor but also on the mix he makes. No one can be a D’j. Mixing is governed by rules that every good certified instructor should know. These rules (tips and tricks) are provided by a professional DJ known as DJ OXOON.

The organization of the “Music” trainings are entrusted to our partner, the company WIKi SRL, holder of the patents and licenses for the use of their automatic mixing software Mix4Cycling.


All “Music” training courses must be booked via the website

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Training dates

If you leave us your contact details, we’ll keep you informed of upcoming basic training dates and locations.